About Mercedes

Hello there! My name is Mercedes — I’m a full-time content creator, and I am excited to now introduce myself as the author of this cookbook!  You may recognize me from the lifestyle Instagram account “Style It With Trix”, where I love sharing only the easiest, most delicious, family friendly slow cooker recipes! When I got married a few years ago, I always found making dinner to be the least enjoyable part of my day. Don’t get me wrong, I love cooking but hated the amount of time I spent prepping, cooking and having a sink full of dirty dishes by the end of the night — all for just one meal! This process left me feeling unmotivated to cook most nights. To combat all of this, I started experimenting with my slow cooker, and it was one of the greatest decisions of my life! To think that I could throw all of my ingredients into one pot and spend my free time however I wanted, while dinner was cooking, was absolutely mind blowing! Having a delicious dinner ready without standing over a stove and only having one pot to clean by the end of the night has been liberating!

Once I really fell in love with making slow cooker recipes, I decided to share my love for them with my Instagram audience, and to no surprise, you all loved these recipes just as much! Showing how simple making dinner really could be ended up inspiring a huge portion of my audience to start cooking, and nothing warms my heart more than that! It didn’t just stop at just dinner though, as I realized I was able to make breakfast, appetizers and even dessert in my slow cooker as well! I’m thrilled that I am able to now share 70+ of the best slow cooker recipes with you through this cookbook. My biggest inspiration behind this eCookbook is YOU! All of the recipes shared in here are not only my favorites but yours as well! My hope is that through this eCookBook I can simplify your cooking experience even more with: step by step directions, listed out ingredients, and a QR code you can scan to watch a video tutorial for each recipe! These recipes will not only provide you with delicious meals but also simplify your weeks, make your dinner making experience an enjoyable one, and finally free you up to make the most of your day! Here’s to slow cooking!

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